Lodge Murdostoun Castle No.1096

Charter granted 2nd November 1911

REGULAR MEETINGS - 2nd & 4th Tuesday from September to April, Except December 2nd Tues only

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With the increasing number of variants in the population, Covid-19 is still a major threat to everyone. Stay safe!

With the relaxing of most of the current restrictions, the lodge returned to normal business on Tuesday 25th January 2022.

The entire building is deep cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. Personal hand sanitising, face masks and Lateral Flow tests before visiting are still required as per the Scottish Government guidelines.


Ceud Mille Failte . . . Welcome . . . Bienvenue . . . Willkommen . . . Bienvenido . . . Witamy . . . Welkom . . . Velkommen . . . Benvenuto . . .

RWM Ian Douglas

On behalf of every Brother of Lodge Murdostoun Castle, I welcome everyone to our website.
I am honoured to have been chosen by the Lodge, for the third time in my life, to serve as Master and I hope that your visit will be both interesting and informative.

If you have visited us before, then welcome back. If this is your first visit, and if you are interested in Freemasonry, you are doubly welcome.
Browse around our site and see what is happening today in our Lodge. If you want to search further, follow the links in our "Related Links" section. Enjoy your visit.

RWM Bro Ian K Douglas

Our Mission

The mission of Lodge No 1096 and its members is to help good men become better men, thereby enabling them to better serve their God, their country, their community, their neighbour and themselves.

We hope that you will find the information that you seek in these pages. If you do not, and you have any questions, please e-mail them to the address at the foot of this page.  Enjoy your visit. If you wish to explore further, then please follow the related links to other Lodge sites. From any page, just click on the Lodge Crest and you will be returned to this Home page

Latest News

May 2022:

Friday 6th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed everyone to a Special Meeting to showcase a deputation of 12 Reigning Masters from both Middle and Upper wards of the Province of Lanarkshire. The deputation was headed by RWM Bro Jack Alexander of Lodge St John, Shotts No.471 who introduced each member of the degree team as follows :-

RWM Bro Scott Pollock of Lodge St Mary No.31,
RWM Bro William Cairns of Lodge Cadder Argyll No.147
RWM Bro Gordon Airns of Lodge Woodhall St Johns No.305
RWM Bro Jim Kidd of Lodge St Thomas No.306
RWM Bro Gordon McAlpine of Lodge Livingstone St Andrew No.573
RWM Bro Gary Muircroft of Lodge Robert King Stewart No.919
RWM Bro William McPheat of Lodge Whifflet St John No.963
RWM Bro Robert Price of Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No.1228
RWM Bro Alan Graham of Lodge Dura No.1513
RWM Bro James Moffat of Lodge Mauldslie Castle No 1630
He also noted that our own RWM would be taking part, and lastly introduced himself.

There being no business to discuss, control of the Lodge was given to RWM Bro Jack Alexander who, together with the Masters Team, proceeded to deliver a unique EA degree on two candidates Jack Gilfillan and Ross Thomson. The degree, being a combination of 12 different rituals, was delivered in a smooth and professional manner by an exemplary degree team. The silence from the assembled Brethren during the degree spoke volumes for the quality of each speaker, and for the degree as a whole.

At the completion of the degree, the newly initiated Bro Gilfillan and Bro Thomson were presented to RWM Bro Jack Alexander who, along with RWM Bro Ian Douglas, congratulated them on their first step in Freemasonry and called on the assembled company to give them a warm welcome into the Lodge.

RWM Bro Ian Douglas, on resuming control of the Lodge, praised RWM Bro Jack Alexander and the entire Masters degree team for the high standard of their work and called on the assembled Brethren to congratulate them for a good job, well done. RWM Bro Ian Douglas then invited the Masters team and all present to retire to harmony, where much chat ensued accompanied by a drop or two of the water of life! A great evening, a great degree, looking forward to the next one.

A wee photo of the Reigning Masters team 2022

From Left to right:- RWM Gary Muircroft 919, RWM James Kidd 306, RWM Jack Alexander 471, RWM Scott Pollock 31, RWM Robert Price 1228, RWM James Moffat 1630, RWM Ian Douglas 1096, RWM Alan Graham 1513, RWM Gordon McAlpine 573, RWM Gordon Airns 305, William Cairns 146, William McPheat 963.

Photo courtesy of Bro Jim Finlay PM

April 2022:

Tuesday 26th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the last regular meeting before recess. After the customary business RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed an excellent deputation from Lodge Cadder Argyll No.147 headed by their RWM Bro William Cairns. Thereafter, RWM Bro William Cairns with the assistance of Mark Master Bro Stewart McLean PM, the lodge Office bearers and Past Masters, delivered a full and comprehensive Mark Master Mason degree to candidate Bro Derek Davidson, which was much appreciated by all present. At the conclusion of the degree, RWM Bro William Cairns congratulated Bro Davidson and presented him to RWM Bro Ian Douglas and the assembled brethren. Resuming control of the Lodge, RWM Bro Ian Douglas congratulated RWM Bro William Cairns and his degree team on the quality of the degree. At the close of the meeting, all retired to harmony for a bite to eat and many blethers.

Saturday 16th: Today the Lodge welcomed back the members of Cleland Community Council for the Easter Egg hunt for the children of our village. The last Easter egg hunt was in 2019 as the next two hunts were cancelled because of covid. But this time all is well once again and lots of wee happy faces came to take part in the hunt. After tearing around the park collecting clues, they came back successful and enjoyed getting a wee easter egg from the Easter Bunny. After that they took part in the various arts & crafts which had been set up making all sorts of hats, egg baskets, bunny ears and doing lots of colouring-in. Thanks to Councillor Louise Roarty and the Community council volunteers who made this such a successful day once again. The weather was kind, there were lots of supportive mums and dads, and the kids had a great time. Fingers crossed for the same weather next year. Lets make this an annual event for tomorrows citizens.

Some photos from the day...

And a great time was had by all. Looking forward to next year.

Tuesday 12th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the first regular meeting of April. Aftwer the usual business, there was lots of discussion on the feedback from the planning sub-committee. An interesting time lies ahead for our premises. We have two members involved in the Kiltwalk for CHAS both hoping to raise a substantial amount of money for charity. Best of luck lads, it's a l-o-n-g walk from Glasgow Green to Balloch.

March 2022:

Tuesday 22nd: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the second meeting in March. Again, not a lot to report on a quiet evening. The customary business did not take long, leading to an early finish of the meeting. The faithful few then made short work of Bert's soup and pies and had a blether.

Monday 21st: Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No.1228 completed their move away from Motherwell and held their first meeting in their new home in Cleland. Welcomed by 1096 as our lodge's newest tenants.

Tuesday 8th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the first regular meeting of March. After the usual business, RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed a distinguished deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (Middle Ward) headed by SPGM Bro Colin T Campbell. The business of Provincial Grand Lodge was conducted in their customary manner, and closed by SPGM Bro Colin T Campbell commenting favourably on the extended time in office of Bro Ian Thompson IPM and thanked him along with Bro Treasurer and Bro Secretary for their management of the lodge in the past year. Thereafter the younger Lodge office Bearers conferred a grand First degree on volunteer candidate Bro Craig Barrie, and the attention paid by all present throughout the degree bore testimony to the quality of the degree team. SPGM Bro Colin T Campbell delegated Bro Robert McCormick to comment on the degree. Bro McCromick paid tribute to the high standard of ceremonial work as carried out by the young office bearers especially remarking on the fact that no Past Masters were involved.

Secretary Bro Jim Finlay was then presented with a token of appreciation from the lodge for his work undertaken whilst the lodge was in shutdown. Bro Finlay replied that he was delighted with the gift and suitably shocked at the idea that something had been planned in the lodge and he knew nothing about it.

Bro Ian Thompson was then presented to the lodge and Secretary Bro Finlay then told, as he put it, a “wee story” about the custom of the lodge in marking the year as Master of every brother who graced the chair of our lodge. He highlighted the number of times Bro Thompson had been Master and the extended time he spent as acting RWM. He then returned Bro Thompson’s Past Master jewel, now refurbished and gold plated, to its rightful place adorning Bro Thompson’s breast. Bro Ian Thompson IPM suitably replied as he also knew nothing about his presentation.

At the close of the meeting, all retired to harmony for a bite to eat and a blether as the brethren enjoyed each others company once again.

February 2022:

Tuesday 22nd: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the second meeting in February. Once again, not a lot to report on a quiet evening. After the customary business, the younger office bearers of the lodge conducted an exemplification of the first degree on volunteer candidate Colin Hamilton. Practice makes perfect, and the amount of work undertaken in studying for the various parts of the degree showed. Looking forward to next meeting when the same office bearers will conduct the same degree for Provincial Grand Lodge.

Tuesday 8th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the first meeting in February. Once again, the always steadfast few came to the business meeting. Not a lot to report on a quiet evening. Much discussion centred around the feedback from the Rangers Founders Roadshow and how well the event had gone.

Friday 4th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the first social event since 2019. Covid has a lot to answer for! The event was a Rangers Founders roadshow which the lodge hosted to gather funds to support our chosen charities. The evening was a great success raising over £3,000. Prior to the Friday evening, an online auction had been held on the lodge Facebook page with Framed Rangers tops, hospitality event at Ibrox, other items of Rangers memorabilia, Golf outings to Gleneagles and The Carrick and supporting donations from several businesses in our village. The highest bids for each item became the reserve price for each item in the live auction held after the roadshow. The winners of each auction lot can be found on the lodge facebook Page "Lodge Murdostoun Castle". All the donations were thankfully received and as can be seen from the funds raised, they were indeed faithfully applied. Many thanks to Iain McColl from the Rangers Founders team for a great show, well appreciated by all present.

January 2022:

Tuesday 25th: RWM Bro Ian Douglas welcomed all to the first meeting since 14th December. The always steadfast few came to the meeting even though it was a business meeting.

After the usual business, the meeting focussed on the arrangements for the Roadshow on Friday 4th February. After much discussion, all seems to be ready to go on the night. All tickets taken and the roadshow is a sell out.

The various items for the Auction which will be held at the end of the evening of the show, are available to view on the lodge Facebook page. "Lodge Murdostoun Castle". Online bids may be placed until 6pm on the 4th when the online auction will close. Whatever online bids are made will become the reserve price for each auction lot. If no higher bid happens on the night, then the online bidder will be successful. The higher the auction bids go, the better as all proceeds from the auction will go to Charity.

Thursday 20th: Following the partial relaxation of Scottish Government guidelines, the decision was taken to resume meetings from Tuesday 25th January.

Thursday 6th: Dispensation granted to cancel both January meetings.

December 2021:

Tuesday 14th: The last regular meeting of 2021 was reasonably well attended despite being a business only meeting. As Installing Master Bro Jim Finlay installed two of the office bearers who had been unable to attend the Installation. Any other business consisted mostly of debating the next steps in planning for refurbishment of both toilets, what needs to be done whilst we wait for the next pronouncements from the Scottish Government on covid guidelines, and enhancing the Grand Almoners charity appeal to £300. RWM wished all Brethren a Merry Christmas with his best wishes for the coming year.

Saturday 4th:The Annual Installation of our new RWM and Officebearers took place at 5:30pm. RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed the many visitors and thanked them for coming to the Installation. A deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire (Middle Ward) headed by Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro Norman Carnegy was then received and welcomed, followed by the Installing Masters of the evening Bro John Calderwood PM Lodge Motherwell Caledonian No.1228 and Bro Jim Finlay PM Secretary. The Installing Masters delivered an excellent Installation Ceremony which was warmly received by the new (recycled!) RWM Bro Ian Douglas, his Officebearers and all Brethren present.

Afterwards, all retired to an excellent dinner and spent a very pleasant evening listening to some well prepared speeches and having a right good blether with one another. This being the 3rd time Ian has graced the chair of our Lodge, the high esteem in which we all hold him is abundantly clear to everyone. As our new RWM, Bro Ian Douglas hopes that the rest of his year will be as successful as the Installation, and he sends an early Christmas Greeting to all of our readers.

A wee photo just as we were getting ready to start.


November 2021:

Tuesday 23rd: RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed all to the last regular meeting of his term as acting RWM. A fairly quiet business meeting largely concerned with changes to the installation format to accommodate current Government regulations. After the customary business RWM Bro Ian Thompson gave a summary of his feelings over the last two years and his sadness at the untimely death of RWM Bro William Napier after only 15 days in office. He wished the newly elected Master and Office bearers all success in the future and closed by thanking the lodge for putting up with him once again.

Tuesday 9th: RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed all to the Annual Meeting. The customary business was conducted in brisk fashion and following the Report on Lodge Finances by Acting Treasurer Bro Jim Finlay PM, the Statement of Accounts was passed. The nomination and election of Office Bearers for the coming twelve months took place, happily with no vacant offices. At the conclusion of the meeting, RWM congratulated all of the newly elected Office bearers and wished them well in the year ahead. The Office Bearers Elect are:- RWM Bro Ian Douglas PM, WSW Bro Willie Jackson PM, WJW Bro Ryan Douglas, Secretary Bro Jim Finlay PM, Treasurer Bro Ian Douglas PM, Almoner Bro Jim Finlay PM, SD Bro Mark Logan, JD Bro Tom Gilfillan PM, IG Bro Duncan McBride, Chaplain Bro Iain Logan, DoC Bro Scott McKittrick PM, President of Stewards Bro Colin Hamilton, Stewards Bro Craig Barrie and Bro Kenny Thompson, Bible Bearer Bro Derek Davidson, Organist Bro Frank McBride, Tyler Bro Bert Alcorn PM.

Wednesday 3rd: RWM Bro Ian Thompson accompanied by 13 other Brethren, headed a deputation into Lodge Dura No.1513. Twas a cold and dreich evening, but the welcome was warm, and after being welcomed by RWM Bro Alan Graham and the assembled Brethren, RWM Bro Ian Thompson assisted by his degree team of Bro Ian Douglas PM, Bro Willie Jackson PM, Bro Tom Gilfillan PM, Bro Ryan Douglas, Bro Mark Logan and Bro Jim Finlay PM, delivered a full and comprehensive MM degree on Bro James. At the conclusion of the degree, RWM Bro Ian Thompson congratulated the candidate and presented him to RWM Bro Alan Graham and the assembled brethren. Resuming control of the lodge, RWM Bro Alan Graham congratulated RWM Bro Ian Thompson and called on the assembled brethren to give a warm vote of thanks to the degree team. At the close of the meeting, RWM Bro Alan Graham invited all to partake of 1513 harmony, and the Brethren had a fine evening in each others company. Much chat ensued as the brethren renewed old friendships and formed new ones.

October 2021:

Friday 28th: RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed all to the second meeting of October. After the usual business, RWM Bro Ian Thompson and the degree team raised Bro Kenny Thompson to the rank of Master Mason with a full and comprehensive degree. At the conclusion of the degree, RWM Bro Ian Thompson congratulated Bro Kenny Thompson on this great step in his Masonic career, informed him of his new privileges and introduced him to the assembled brethren. He warmly congratulated the degree team highlighting once again the newest and youngest members of the team Bro Ryan Douglas and Bro Mark Logan for having learned so much for two different degrees in such a short time since the lodge resumed after shutdown. Afterwards all retired to harmony, a wee bowl of Bro Berts renowned soup and, as always, a blether.

Tuesday 12th: RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed all to the first meeting of October. After the usual business, RWM Bro Ian Thompson affiliated Bro Craig Barrie and Bro Colin Hamilton. After the short ceremony he congratulated them and welcomed them as the newest members of the lodge. Both Bro Hamilton and Bro Barrie replied in an amusing manner to the pleasure of all present.

The office bearers of the lodge then passed Bro Kenny Thompson to the rank of FC in a fine manner. At the conclusion of the degree, RWM Bro Ian Thompson congratulated Bro Kenny Thompson and introduced him to the assembled brethren. He warmly congratulated the degree team highlighting the newest and youngest members of the team Bro Ryan Douglas and Bro Mark Logan. Afterwards all retired to harmony and a blether.

September 2021:

Friday 28th: A rare event today - the lodge celebrated 50 years in our current premises. A great many of our members were not even born when the Masonic Hall in Thistle Street opened its doors for our first regular meeting there in September 1971. With coronavirus constraints still with us, the celebration was somewhat subdued.

Charity being a cornerstone of our craft, our delayed 2020 donations were discussed and unanimously implemented with all supported charities receiving increased funds.

The office bearers of the lodge then conducted an exemplification of the EA degree for the benefit of our newest member who had only joined the lodge a mere 6 days before the coronavirus pandemic caused us to close our doors for 18 months.

Tuesday 14th: With great pleasure the Brethren of the lodge met together for the first time in 18 months for a business meeting. Prior to the Lodge opening, Bro Secretary reminded all present of the Attendance Guidelines which were a combination of Grand Lodge & Scottish Government guidelines and the lodges own house rules.

RWM Bro Ian Thompson welcomed all visitors which included Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro Norman Carnegy. DPGM brought fraternal greetings from our new Provincial Grand Master Bro Andrew D Millar and in explaining the reason for his own visit, he intimated that PGM Bro Andrew Millar whilst expressing his delight at the re-opening of our lodge, urged caution as we do so, and that we should maintain the health and safety of us all by adjusting to our new “normal” way of life in small steps.

The remainder of the meeting was taken up with a great deal of correspondence, minutes and accounts all of which had been dealt with over the prior 18 months. Most of the brethren present did stay awake!

The Statements of accounts were presented by Bro Treasurer and after the information contained therein was digested, the accounts for year ending 2020 were approved.

August 2021

After several meetings of the Heads of all Scottish Masonic Orders, clearance has been given to plan & prepare for Lodges to resume working.

Watch this space for a September announcement!

April 2021

Friday 23rd: this evening four of our young Masons were delighted to present a Lodge cheque for £5,000 to the McKenna family to help in their efforts to have their home adapted for their eldest son Jack.

These are the players of the evening :- Jack, his dad Ross, and (l-r) Kenny, Derek, Mark and Ryan.

And we could not have a photo without wee brother Harry.

Jack was born 7 weeks premature almost 5 years ago. He suffered a brain bleed, had fluid in his brain leaving him with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He has already undergone two brain surgeries, takes daily medication, is fed through a tube and lives in a wheelchair.

He is also the happiest, smiling little boy that you could imagine. And he loves a cuddle.


The family has a fundraiser running at https://www.treeofhope.org.uk/jack-mckenna

Donations will be thankfully received and faithfully applied! Remember the North East corner.

Please go and visit the fundraiser page. On that page Jacks dad explains all about Jacks condition and what is needed to provide lifetime support for Jack. Hopefully we have helped a little.

If anyone can help with a bit of fundraising there's some info below as well as the above link to Jack's main page. Could be a sponsored walk, personal challenge, step target per day....anything at all with your own page.

One of the many handy features that is offered on the Tree of Hope page is the ‘fundraise for this child’ option on the left-hand side of the fundraising page, which allows supporters to set up their own fundraiser for Jack. By clicking on this button, it will take you to Just Giving to create your own page, which will automatically connect to Jacks campaign fund, and the amount raised will automatically be included in the ‘Total raised so far’ figure.

Supporters who use this feature also benefit from the opportunity to claim gift aid - an additional 25% on donations made by UK tax-payers, which is something they would be unable to do, if the fundraiser was created directly through usual crowdfunding on Just Giving."

A week ago I threw down a gauntlet and challenged our younger members to do something. The photos show you the result.

Now it is your turn.

I have thrown the gauntlet down. Who will pick it up?

- A wee smile from Jack

- to cheer you on your way

- to wherever your destiny takes you.




The lodge had closed down in March of 2020 to protect our community and the lodge members. News items for prior months and years can now be found in the section titled (believe it or not) "Previous News Items".

image of lodge penny

Lodge Pennies can be obtained from Bro Treasurer at any meeting for the princely sum of £3:00.

If requesting by email, additional cost of £1.70 for Post and Packing and delivery by Royal Mail 1st class.


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